Terms of Use

  • A valid Greek drivers license or E.U. member state or International Drivers license held for at least one year is required. The renter must be over 21 years old. Driving licenses issued after 1991 are required to be at least category A1 to drive a 125cc moto or scooter. Under no circumstances rented two vehicles with one driver's license.
  • The rental period and cost are agreed prior to collection of the vehicle and payment is made in advance. In case the vehicle is returned before the rental period expires, the renter is not entitled to reimbursement for the remaining period.
  • Minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). Any delay up to 3 hours will be charged at 1/5 of the daily rate. Any delay exceeding 3 hours will be charged a full further day.
  • Collection and delivery of the vehicle must be made during working hours, unless other agreement is made with the owner.
  • Insurance: The rental vehicles are covered with third party insurance (single membership).
  • In case of accident liability of the renter, the insurance covers the physical damages caused to another vehicle while the damage to the rented vehicle is indemnified by the renter.
  • The insurance of the vehicle covering bodily injury caused to third parties.
  • In the event of an accident with another person's fault, indemnified damages of those who caused them as we know all their required elements physically.

The renter

  1. Must deliver the vehicle in the same condition and with same tyres and equipment as of the day of agreement. In case of any tyre damage or failure, the renter must stop the vehicle and inform the owner.
  2. Must follow the Greek Traffic Code and must not use the vehicle for street racing, on rough terrain or sand, or other place that may cause damage to the vehicle or is prohibited by law. The vehicle shall be used exclusively by the renter, who must not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances.
  3. Must be aware that the vehicle is intended for use by one (1) or two (2) persons. In case the vehicle is used for the transportation of more persons, the vehicle shall be returned to the owner under police supervision and a fine of 200€ will be paid the owner.
  4. In case of any accident caused by him, or any form of vandalism or component theft, the renter must pay for all damages to the vehicle as well as for the vehicle’s downtime. In case the vehicle is stolen, the renter shall be deemed responsible and provide full indemnification.
  5. Is responsible for any fine or penalty due to violation of traffic code or removal of the vehicle licence plates. In case of removal of the vehicle licence plates he shall bear the costs for any vehicle downtime.
  6. Must keep the vehicle locked at all times. In case the vehicle keys are lost, destroyed or stolen, the renter shall pay for their replacement (keys-keylock).
  7. Must return the vehicle with the amount of fuel specified in the rental agreement. If the amount is smaller, the renter shall bear the relevant cost. The opposite, however, does not entitle him to reimbursement.
  • Stopping, parking and driving in the city center (Chora) and on the pier of Folegandros island is prohibited.
  • Transport of the vehicle outside Folegandros island is prohibited.
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